Friday, 22 November 2013

Why to attend a Cooking Class?

1. Not cooking. Or rather, you can give a hand to the chef, but in reality you look, you smell and you take notes. 
2. You eat. All dishes made ​​in the course of the evening will be divided among the participants in order to study the taste of what has been prepared.
3. Making friends.
4. Males? Few. did not go with the intention of towing a passion for cooking because it is there usually has just got married. And if you find there with his wife, instead of being home to "do nothing" is not a good sign. The only positive sign is that one so no longer part of the men on the loose.
5. Ask questions. Do not be afraid of sounding ignorant: the chef is there for you, paid by you, and it will always know more than you.
6. Choose well. When you decide to participate in a course aimed at those that focus on a few recipes at a time. If in few hours you can prepare an entire dinner at your home, it is equally possible to do so during the course, whereas you are twenty, and each plate is attached to the technical explanation.
7. Enjoy it! Take a course every now and then: it is a gift for you and for those who will enjoy what you have learned the night before.
8. Experience immediately. Do not let too much time pass between the course and the repetition of the dishes.
9. Go with a friend. 
10. What did You learn? Every course you take you will learn something new and you may even share your experience with the audience.